BBW Rikki Waters Loves Tit Fucking

BBW Rikki Waters comes to every photo shoot with a gallon of lube and sometimes that is not enough. Why, you ask does anyone need that much lube? The answer is simple when you have mega tits like  Rikki does, if you want to give a titjob or let a guy fuck your tits your going to need lube and a lot of it.

BBW titfuck rikki waters1

She told us after that she used to smear lube all over her tits before doing any titjobs but she was going thru way to much lube and it was getting very expensive. Now she just puts about five pumps in between her tits and she lets the guys cock spread it around. I bet you wouldn’t mind Rikki Waters spread lube all over her tits with your cock. I think the chances of loosing a hot load all over her tits before the lube is completely massaged in is likely.

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BBW Seana Rae Tit Fucks Stud

Seana Rae has some of the most amazing hooters that I have ever seen, but that’s not all that I like about her – she has been around the block quite a few times and knows how to please a guy with her big tits. When she told me that she wanted to give me a nice and slow titjob I didn’t hesitate for a single moment: I took out my already throbbing cock, shoved it in her mouth, and then let her suck on it until it got rock-hard.

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After that I sat on top of her and impatiently started rubbing my dick between her massive breasts. While I was busy tit-fucking her, I reached between her legs and slipped my fingers inside her cock-hungry pussy. Then, I began slowly rubbing her clit: at this moment she closed her eyes and started squeezing her tits harder and harder. I was getting more excited by the minute and it wasn’t long after that that I shot my load all over Seana Rae’s tits and face. She took my cock in her mouth for one last time, licked it and swallowed the last few drops of my jizz. Enter Here For Instant Access

BBW Lucky Benton Get Titty Fucked

There’s only one thing that I love more than redheads and that is redheads with big tits. And when I saw Lucky Benton for a first time I knew right away that I wanted to stick my manhood between her massive melons, and fuck the living daylights out of them. Turns out that she had similar thoughts, and just two days after we met we got in bed together. The first thing I did after I was done with the foreplay was to reach for her tits and start rubbing them. Then, without letting go, I went south and placed my head between her legs.

Chubby lucky benton

Lucky Benton’s twat was already dripping wet, and I kept running my tongue around her perky clit and deep inside her vagina, loving the fresh taste of her pussy. Then she pulled me up, grabbed my cock, and placed it between her tits. She pushed them together and started rubbing them against my circumcised manhood nice and slow at first, and then faster and faster. She would stop for a while to take my cock in her mouth, suck it for a few seconds and run her tongue from the head down the shaft. After that she would go back to the titjob and this went on until I couldn’t hold it any longer, pushed my cock in her mouth, and shot my load down her throat.

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Samantha Anderson Tit Fucks

Samantha Anderson came through to the studio looking hot and horny. Let me just state for the record that she is not related to Pamela Anderson, the famous Hollywood celebrity. They might as well be related because they are both damn hot. As soon as I saw Samantha Anderson and her chest I knew I had to get a tit fuck. Even under her pink top they looked humongous. Her boobs were so big that a decent sized top was now ending over her belly button.


After a bit of chatting and fooling around I pulled out my hard cock; she smiled and pulled out her big boobs. These were the biggest boobs I have seen in a long while. I couldn’t wait to lick and kiss them, to squeeze and caress them. I told her that I wanted a tit fuck and she said “Of course you do, all guys see my big boobs and want a tit fuck”. She smiled and pushed me back on the couch. Kneeling down in front of me she started running my hard cock with her big boobs. She then parted them in the middle and slowed my cock in her huge cleavage. Tit fucking Samantha was even better then I could have ever imagined. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

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